The Bibby Blog - Bibby
Financial Services Limited

In the last ten years Bibby Financial Services Limited has deliberately destroyed thousands of good businesses -
don't become one of them!

Whatever you do please read the stories of former clients of Bibby Financial Services before you sign an enormous contract in some cafe or car park. After you have read them, please tell yourself:

'Beware of Bibby Financial Services'!

The Bibby Scam

   The Bibby Blog - published (without lawsuits) since 2011

The Bibby Blog's purpose is to warn businesses against Britain's most notorious invoice discounting company, Bibby Financial Services Limited, whose 'Vulture Financing' scam is now public knowledge.

If you think you have been a victim of the 'Bibby Scam' please read the stories of other victims here.

To see how many thousands of victims of Bibby Financial Services there are, see the several 'Bibby's Victims' listed above.

If you are being invited to  sign a Bibby contract and to give your personal guarantee ... 



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